/ Summary /
After the end of  УThe International Festival of Amateur Historical FilmsФ, УMadara HorsemanФ Cinema Club publish a FINAL NEWSLETTER. This year it contains:
The Congratulations of the Minister of Culture - Boyan Banov to the participants / Page 2 /.
He expressed the hope, that the festival days will be an exciting experience, and wishes health and success in the noble movie race. The congratulation was read by Mrs. Silva Hacheryan, Head of Department at the Ministry of Culture.
The diary for the three festival days / 3-8 page /.
The festival started with rain - so it is every time since 1970, without exception. Nevertheless, the room is full - more than 100 friends of cinema and history came to the festival. Cinema lovers came from distant Belogradchik, Ruse and Popovo, from Gabrovo and Dimitrovgrad, from Debelets and from Sofia, from Macedonia and from Russia. Among the audience are: The veteran of УMadara HorsemanФ Cinema Club - Nedko Popov and 91-year-old actress Irina Abadzhieva.
Because of the rain forecast, the opening took place in the projection room. And this year, the jury chairman is Dr. Alexander Donev. He presented the other members of the jury: Maya Vaptzarova, Dr. Silva Hacheryan, Assoc. Prof. Stefan Hristov and Niko Maierov. The УInformation DeskФ and the technical team have done very well with their tasks. Almost 12 hours of screen time on the first and second day passed the screenings of the 58 competition films. There was also a traditional movie night.
The third day, 24th June, is dedicated to discussing movies. Jury members shared their impressions. Dr. Alexander Donev underlined that this year there are no bad movies. There are many good and others who have not reached something: good frame, strong short text, ending.
Awards were given to the authors of 17 films.  For the first time at the Shumen Festival a gold medal of UNICA is given and a prize for the name of Gencho Genchev. The three major awards were presented by Deputy Mayor of Shumen Municipality, Mr. Nayden Kossev. Finally, he thanked everyone involved in the organization and the competition program and wished to participate actively in the next double-jubilee festival in June 2020.
On page 9-11, the jury's protocol is published
Page 12 contents statistics for the festival: for 48 years 972 projected films, of which 179 are foreign, and on p.13-15 are recorded the titles of all the films from the Shumen 2018 festival.